W W W . W H A T I S H T T P . C O M   -  HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the communications protocol which enables browsing the Web.

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HTTP Links
http://www.SoftwareRiviera.com  Get the software you want and if you are interested in programming there is a code section you can check out too. Also take a look at the awsome tips and tricks section within.
My Vertical Color Picker 

'My Vertical Color Picker' is a color picker which allows a variety of operations like selecting colors, dragging color chips around, adding text to each color chip, creating snapshots for the current palette selecting colors from your screen and many many more. There is no limit to the number of color chips you can use for a palette.
Math Expression Generator 

'Math Expression Generator' is an application which generates math expressions taking into considerations supplied parameters. It uses custom defined parameters, base elements and operations which you can freely define to generate the mathematical expression.
xyPoint System 

'xyPoint System' is a plotting system which allows adding points on a canvas which supports the following scales: 'Log' scale, 'Simple' scale and 'Measurement Unit' scale. The application allows for a variety of operations like adding points to the canvas, moving points, removing points, editing how the coordinates are seen, exporting point coordinates in a freeform using built-in parameters and your own text plus many other operations. There is no limit to the number of points you can add to the canvas.

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