W W W . W H A T I S H T T P . C O M   -  HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the communications protocol which enables browsing the Web.

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About HTML
(Hypertext Markup Language) - It is the code in which the World Wide Web documents are written, which uses "tags" to tell browsers which parts of a Home Page are icons, displayed as links or have hierarchical importance etc.
(Document Type Definition) - A document describing the structure and tags which are used in XML (eXtensible Markup Language). For a Web page, the DTD is present in the first line of the page and it specifies the (HTML, XHTML, etc) language which is used in that Web page. DTD examples: HTML 4 Strict DTD, HTML 4 Transitional DTD, HTML 4 Frameset DTD,
HTML 1.0 - the first release of HTML.
HTML 2.0 - included the HTML 1.0 specifications and added new features - was the standard for web design until 1997 January.
HTML 3.0 - specifications were abondoned.
HTML 3.2 - WILBUR - became a standard in January 1997 because of the work of the The World Wide Web Consortium .
HTML 4.0 - COUGAR - (mostly based on HTML 3.0) became an official standard in April 1998. Suppor for CSS was introduced.
HTML 4.01 - is HTML 4.0 revised - this is the final specification version.

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