W W W . W H A T I S H T T P . C O M   -  HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the communications protocol which enables browsing the Web.

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HTTP    HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the communications protocol which enables browsing the Web.
HYPERTEXT    Is a system in which different types of documents such as text, images or sounds are linked and can be accessed using a "browser".
WWW    It is a term which is (incorrectly) used when referring to "The Internet". It represents the part of Internet which uses (linking) HTML pages.
HTML    (Hypertext Markup Language) - It is the code in which the World Wide Web documents are written, which uses "tags" to tell browsers which parts of a Home Page are icons, displayed as links or have hierarchical importance etc.
IP ADDRESS This is the address (numeric address) of a computer which is connected to the Internet; this is also called the Internet address.
HOST This represents a computer on a network that contains services available to other computers on the network.
URL (Uniform Resource Locator) - It is the address of a resource on the Internet.
BROWSER A browser is a computer program which stays on a computer enabling users to use the computer to view WWW documents and access the Internet. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Opera represent some browser examples.
OS This represents the actual software that manages a computer system. For example Windows XP is an OS as well as Windows Vista and Windows 7.
FTP FTP is the abreviation for File Transfer Protocol. It is a network protocol which is a standard. FTP can be used to transfer files from one computer to another over a TCP enabled network. The FTP protocol is often used to upload web pages to a hosting server. It can be used to access online software files or to transfer files between an account and a desktop computer.

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